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Church Theme:
Preaching Gospel,Making Disciple 传扬福音,作主门徒

(Matthew 马太福音 28: 18-20)

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Johor Bahru Lutheran Church has established since 1978.
It is located at Taman Pelangi. The history of JBLC is as below:

Formation of the church
(left photo: Rev Yang Dao Tung, 左:杨道通牧师)
In 1978, Rev Yang Dao Tung (杨道通) the mission committee chairman of LCMS, made a trip to Johor Bahru to visit several church members who had shifted either from Singapore or Kuala Lumpur to this town. These members included brother Chan Kok Wan, sister Ruth Lian and the family of brother Tan Ching Jiang (陈清江). After the trip, Rev Yang strongly felt that the church members in Johor Bahru should continue to be pastored and taken care of. He therefore decided to break new ground in Johor Bahru.

(left: worship at Bro Chan's house. 左:在陈国云弟兄家敬拜)

In August 1978, Rev Yang and Rev Paul Yap rented the house of brother Chan Kok Wan as a temporary venue for the congregation to meet. The first Sunday service was held on 13 August and more than 10 persons attended the service.
(right: lunch fellowship after service. 右:崇拜后聚餐)
A temporary council was also formed on the same day. It was chaired by Rev Yang with Mr and Mrs Tan Ching Jiang, brother Chan Kok Wan, sister Ruth Lian, sister Lee Wan Shiang (李婉香) and sister Lee Wan Sher (李婉瑟) as council members. The group was also assisted by brother Lee Soon (李旬)and brother Tan Boon Tiong (陈文忠) of Theological College.

When Dr Wan Dao Bo (万道播博士) of East Asia Lutheran Church came to Malaysia in September of the same year, he specially made a trip to visit the brothers and sisters at Johor Bahru. After meeting the brothers and sisters here, he too strongly felt the need to set up a church at Johor Bahru. Soon after his return to US, the LCMS received the news that the Lutheran Church HO at US would provide a fund to purchase a piece of land for building the church. The fund was to be returned on yearly basis.

In October 1978, the first evangelical service was conducted by Rev Paul Yap. The service was attended by more than 30 people.

By end 1978, the children ministry was also started and the Sunday school continues till today. In the same year, the Lutheran Church of Queenstown came to conduct an evangelical choir presentation.

(left: First baby baptised in JBLC. 左:第一位在新山信义会受洗的婴孩)
In 1979, the 2 sons of Mr and Mrs Tan Ching Jiang (陈清江) and the youngest daughter of Mr Chan Kok Wan were baptised.

In 1980, JBLC organised evangelical movie twice and invited two speakers form Campus Crusade, Br Loh Hua Meng(罗华明) and Br Lim Yu Shing (林玉星). Brother Chan Kok Wan and brother Wilbert were appointed to be in charge of property management.

The construction of the new church building was completed in December 1980 and the congregation moved into the church in the same month.

New Church at Taman Pelangi

(left: JBLC official opening of new church in Taman Pelangi. 左:彩虹花园新堂开幕礼)
The church building was officially opened on 4 Jan 1981 by Bishop Peter Foong.

(right: Pastor Yang Shao Feng, front row !st from right. 右:杨少峰传道,前排右一)
The first Pastor of JBLC was Rev Yang Shao Feng (杨少峰). The congregation consist of about 15 — 20 members. The Pastor‘s wife had also initiated the formation of sister fellowship, which held a meeting once a month. She was assisted by sister Ruth Lian.

Pastor Yang resigned in May 1983 and was replaced by Pastor John Tan. This was a difficult period due to brain drain. For instance, Lee Meng Hai (李明海) who also helped in the sermon, was engaged by the University of Singapore as a lecturer and the whole family moved to Singapore. Brother Chuah Toh Thye (蔡多泰) left for Philippines to undertake a master degree course in seafood production.

The third Pastor, Pastor Lim Kim Hock started pastorinig in JBLC in Jun 1986. Pastor Lim emphasized on preaching the gospel, visitation and helping to bring back those who had slackened. With much joint efforts from several co-workers from Campus Crusade and Theological College students, the congregation members gradually increased.

On 29 Aug 1987, the church became an organised church. There were about 32 - 35 members attending the Sunday service. The first church council was also formed in the same year.

The council members included:-

Chairman: Pastor Lim Kim Hock
Secretary: Brother Yap Shea Sheng (叶协生)Treasurer: Brother Chuah Toh Thye (蔡多泰)Members : Brother Lee Choon Fatt, Brother Yang Wen Si (杨文锡), and Sister Loh Siok Moi (罗淑梅)

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